Even though many cultures view rain as good luck, most brides believe it can be extremely depressing on their special day. Frequently, brides are concerned about how they will still take quality pictures when it is raining. You can opt for wedding videography packages according to your requirements, especially when your big day is during the monsoons. Here are a few ways to click some spectacular shots even when it’s pouring hard.

Ensure That The Rain Drops Are Back-Lit

Backlighting is the best approach to make raindrops visible in a photograph. Although it is preferred to use flashes for this, you could also use a porch light or even the sun. As the light passes through the water in your images, backlighting the raindrops will make them stand out more in the image as little bright patches.

Keep plastic bags on hand

Even though the majority of professional camera bodies, lenses, and flashes are weather-sealed, you should still give them a little more security. It is preferred to carry a poncho and zip-lock bags that you can use to cover your flashes when shooting outside (a gallon-sized bag works great for your camera and lens). You can buy fitted plastic covers for your camera and lenses if you're concerned about how you'll seem while using plastic bags to keep your equipment dry.

Observe the Reflections in the Ponds

Use the reflections you find in those puddles to your advantage in shots. To produce a distinctive shot for this picture, you can simply turn it upside down in Photoshop.


Rain Creates Beautiful Colors for Photographs

One of the best aspects of photography in the rain is how gorgeously saturated the photographs all turn out. Even the damp driveway at the venue looks fantastic. 

Use umbrellas as reflectors and props

In addition to being a nice accessory for photos, umbrellas also help reflect light onto two figures. Keep a camera-friendly umbrella in your car behind the seat for when it rains. Don't wait until you need one and then settle for one with unappealing colours, odd patterns, or prominent advertising on it.

Describe the story of the wedding while including the rain

Avoid attempting to change the narrative of the wedding day by omitting pictures of the rain. Enjoy the weather and embrace it. Also, keep in mind that prolonged periods of nonstop rain are uncommon. Usually, there will be a break in the weather, even if it is only temporary. Inform the couple that you would like to take advantage of the opportunity to capture some pictures during those brief rests.

Discuss Things With Your Photographer

It's important to be in touch with your photographer during and on your wedding day, especially if the weather will be less than ideal. It's crucial to express any of your fears and ask any questions you might have so that a professional photographer can allay them. Your photographer can also help create a lovely golden hour by simulating the sun with a flash. Therefore, you must opt for a wedding videography package that has a reputable service.

Use The Clouds To Your Advantage

Storms frequently draw a variety of clouds and textures, giving you and your photographer the chance to capture some genuinely original photos. Keep your spirits up despite the gloomy weather for your wedding day since your photographer will capture every fleeting moment for you to cherish forever.

Transfer Your Photo Session Inside

This is a fantastic method to stay warm and dry while still taking stunning wedding pictures. Another excellent subject to discuss with your photographer is this one. Ask them if they know any methods to make a distinctive architecture or the dramatic lighting that peeks through the windows.

Watch For Amazing Sunsets On Moist Days

Photographers of the outdoors can attest to the beauty of post-rain clouds. They provide a moody, eerie vibe that makes for a lovely backdrop for wedding day photography. If it's raining, pay attention to the weather as the sun gets closer to the setting. The clouds might part to provide a breathtaking sight.

Hopefully, these suggestions will help you in your planning and preparation for wedding photography in Brisbane when it rains. You can be confident that this will be an occasion to produce some breathtakingly beautiful photographs as long as you're ready. Have a few poses and settings prepared in your mind. Don't be frightened to try new things. Just be prepared with a positive outlook and an attractive and useful umbrella.  An experienced wedding photographer in Brisbane can help you get desired results which you would be able to treasure all your life.